Bohemian Monday Jam | Feb. 4, 2013

Reg Schwager and Brendan DavisThe second Bohemian Monday Jam at the Rakia Bar was a pretty happening event. There was a unanimously positive response to the atmosphere, great food and drink and the music of the host band, The Laura Marks Trio. Reg Schwager and Brendan Davis played exquisitely as always.

Halfway through the first set three musicians joined the versatile Brendan Davis on the stage. Duncan Fremlin on banjo, Bob McNiven on guitar and Howard Willett on harmonicas are members of the vocal harmony and acoustic country band, Whiskey Jack. They sang and played a number of terrific songs including “Don’t Fence Me In” in three part harmony. They’ve promised future visits to Bohemian Mondays!

Whiskey JackThe evening was enhanced by a tune from Tina Nodwell on a rare visit to Toronto, and recent Leslieville resident, Sue, newly arrived from Ottawa, who sang a spirited version of “Summertime”. Ailsa McCreary with her velvety voice was a major contributor in the second and third sets. Watch out for her soon to be released CD.

The next Bohemian Monday is scheduled for February 18. See you there!

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