Bohemian Mondays at The Rakia Bar

The Rakia Bar

Bohemian Monday jam starts next week
February 4, 2013
8:00 – 11:00 pm
The Rakia Bar
1402 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario

The Rakia is situated in an old factory building that was built around the original church, whose roof can still be seen poking out of the top of the building, although no trace of the church remains inside.

With many paned windows lining the east wall of the bar and comfortable seating arrangements, the Rakia Bar is especially congenial when one can watch the snow fall outside and a warming glass of Rakia and a fabulously tasty meal are banishing the cares of the day. The menu centres on traditional Eastern European dishes with a modern accent. I particularly like the continental European atmosphere of the place. It’s relaxed and friendly with a sophisticated vibe.

churchThe house band for the jam will be Reg Schwager on guitar and Brendan Davis on bass.

A halfprice dinner will be served between 6 – 8 pm. From 8 – 10 pm tapas style plates are available along with “artist rate” beverages at $5.00 in each category of beer, wine, spirits and cocktails. Jammers will receive a gift card for a free dinner. There’s no cover but there will be a tip jar.

Look to this space next Tuesday for a full account of the evening.

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