Broken Glass

While en route to Ishgl, Austria, from London in 1987, the artist was deported from France because for 3 months in the history of the world Canadians required a visa to enter that country. While returning to Dover in the ferry from Calais Laura bought a bottle of Janneau Armagnac as consolation for the inconvenience of being deported. By the time her ferry docked at Dover The Herald of Free Enterprise, an English ferry, had capsized in Zebrugge harbour killing 193 people. Laura set out for Ostend the next morning travelling through Belgium and Germany by train to eventually reach Ishgl in the Austrian Alps. The weather was too cold to permit painting outdoors, so she set up this still life using the reflection in the window to paint the mountain scene. The painting was sold a few years later at a meeting in London to M. Janneau, of Janneau Armagnac. He commissioned Laura to travel to Condom, France, to paint a picture of the Janneau Distillery there for the Janneau company Christmas card.


21.5″ X 14″





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