While doing research for the Toronto Real Estate Board calendar the Heritage officer for Richmond Hill asked Laura to paint a picture for a house in his area that was significant but threatened with demolition. The house, Levellands, had been moved twice from its original location on North Yonge Street. It was built in 1828 by Richard Gapper and his family, immigrants from Somerset. Richard’s sister, Mary O’Brien was the author of The Journals of Mary O’Brien, Life in Upper Canada 1828 – 1838. Laura went to the site and took photographs of the derelict building. Armed with old photographs of the house she then went down to Somerset on her return to England and researched the family in the Somerset archives, graveyards, historical societies, etc. wrote a piece and painted the picture which were sucessfully used in a town hall meeting to save the house. Laura received an award from the Town of Richmond Hill for her part in saving this historic house.


8.5″ X 12.5″





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