Number 52

52 Queensgate Terrace was part of a Georgian Terrace in Kensington where Laura lived when she first moved to England. The other residents of the flat were classical musicians. They lived on an upper floor of the Georgian town house at 54 Queensgate Terrace. Laura painted this picture from the balcony. Having only recently moved to England she only had a flimsy metal sketching easel, which blew over in the wind. A rip measuring about 3 inches long appeared in the centre of the painting where the easel fell onto it and cut it, stretching the edges of the hole. Laura repaired the tear by fixing a canvas patch on the back of the painting with a mixture of Venetian turpentine and beeswax, using a warm iron. She painted over the scar on the front side so ultimately there was no evidence of the accident.


26″ X 20″





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