Toronto Real Estate Board Millennial Calendar

Commissioned by Teldon Calendars, the artist based these paintings on photographs taken in the Greater Toronto Area by herself and by her brother, Paul Marks. The calendar was purchased through the Toronto Real Estate Board by individual real estate agents and was distributed by them to their clients. It had a circulation of 350,000. At the time of its release there was an exhibition of the paintngs at TREB headquarters.
Laura started painting the pictures for the calendar in 1997 while still residing in England. On her annual visits to Toronto she traveled to many locations around the Greater Toronto Area to view and research potential subjects for the paintings. The criteria for selection in the calendar were that the buildings in question had to be esthetically pleasing and had to be currently or previously threatened with actual demolition or demolition by neglect or that they had to have been saved and restored. Laura researched each of the selected buildings in archives, cemeteries and libraries both in Toronto and England. The project was completed by 1999.

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