Artist’s Statement

Laura Marks self-portrait thumbnail

The subject matter of my work in water colours and oils consists of things I have experienced directly, whether in the physical world, in the world of emotions and dreams, or a combination of both. I prefer to paint from life but occasionally refer to a photograph to stimulate my memory or imagination. The subject matter must move me visually and must be varied, so it will provide a basis for expressing my instinctive sensibilities. Since I’m a musician as well as a visual artist, when I paint I play with the different elements in the picture in a musical way, employing the same principles of rhythm, harmony, contrast and counterpoint.

Because of the multi-faceted way I view my subjects and the way in which I paint, adding layer upon layer of paint, each picture takes a long time to complete. The process is like that of recording the way light interacts with the passage of time, since the nature of time and its effects is endlessly fascinating. It is in essence recording the process of entropy.

The rendering of moments, people, places and mental or emotional states of an artist’s life in real time leaves a bridge to enable people in other times and places to connect and experience the humanity of the artist/observer and the time and place of the genesis of the work. I feel that when I work I connect to all times and places. I hope that sense of reality and timelessness is communicated in my pictures.

As well as conveying the appearance of the original subject, I mean to add to the emotional content by imbuing it with my response to interacting with it. I tend to take a phenomenological approach to things in that I view what are normally considered to be inanimate objects as having animate personalities.

I studied life drawing for over a decade but learned to paint by the simple ongoing practice of painting pictures.

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