Dante Takes A Trip #1

Painted especially for a group show at the Francis Kyle Gallery in London whose theme was the first book of Dante’s Inferno where Dante is lost in the forest and Virgil appears descending from a mountain to be his guide. Laura took the different symbols in the poem and tacked representations of them up on a bulletin board. Hence the china drummer boy bought at the local pound shop (dollar store) represents Dante. A trip to the London Zoo in nearby Regent’s Park produced postcards of leopards, who symbolize the vice of youth: lust, a lion,the vice of middle age: pride, and a wolf, the vice of old age: avarice. The photographs of the rivers ringing hell were taken in Hampshire. The “road through the forest” in the top left hand corner is Mud Lane which leads from farmers’ fields to Langstone Harbour.


34″ X 22″





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