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Welcome to our website.

It may seem as if I’m using the royal we, but I’m not. Web designer, Brenda Nicholson, and I have been beavering away on the new website since June; Brenda as commander-in-chief and me as dogsbody, resizing images, visibly watermarking, digitally watermarking, writing descriptions of paintings and posting files.

The process of cataloguing all the images of my paintings has been a bit like reliving my entire adult life. I’ve now revisited all the paintings from my early years in Toronto, my first trip abroad to Mexico, my life and travels in Great Britain and the Continent, and more recently in the wild east end of Toronto. Preparing the images for this website has been the means to revisit many of the people and the places I’ve known and loved over the years.

It’s been useful to be able to revise all that since a new chapter has begun for me with the recording this week of our as yet unnamed CD at Noble Sound Studios with musicians Mark Kieswetter, Ross MacIntyre, Ben Riley, Chris Gale and Reg Schwager, and sound engineer George Seara and his colleagues Kevin O’Leary and Alex Krotz. More on that later. Suffice it to say that in the company of such wildly talented and expert musicians and technicians (not to mention extremely handsome) I am feeling distinctly Cinderella-esque. I’ve been pinching myself to make sure it isn’t a dream.

The nearly completed watercolour painting of the nucleus of our band playing at the Rex on a Saturday afternoon in May, 2010 will be unveiled on this site in the very near future.

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